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The parts included with the Lengrau Internet are free.
The exact distribution terms for each part are described in the
following individual page : http://www.nkiefer.jed.st/conditions.html.

Lengrau Internet is provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the
extent permitted by applicable law.

root@nkiefer.jed.st: ~#
root@nkiefer.jed.st: ~# cd nkiefer.jed.st
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/nkiefer.jed.st ~# ls -l
total 6
accueil actualitÚs conditions d'utilisation contact favoris galeries
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/nkiefer.jed.st ~# cd administration
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/administration ~# ls -l
total 1
root@nkiefer.jed.st: ~# cd data.nkiefer.jed.st
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/data.nkiefer.jed.st ~# ls -l
total 1
root@nkiefer.jed.st: ~# cd cms.nkiefer.jed.st
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/cms.nkiefer.jed.st ~# ls -l
total 1
root@nkiefer.jed.st:/cms.nkiefer.jed.st ~# exit